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David S. Park

Product Manager

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About Me

I am a highly technical product manager with near 10 years of experience in software engineering, technical program management, and product owner roles.

This portfolio site is still under construction so please come back when it's completed! Right now it displays an Ad. Also, despite having owning my full name as the domain name, the domain name redirects to the wix domain to show my portfolio site. Also, I can't pretend like I built this portfolio site from scratch like the older ones I built. This inconvenience and imperfection helps me have one additional Korean Fried Chicken (Secret Spicy) per month.

If you are a recruiter reading this website, please pretend like you didn't read my About Me.

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Product Manager - Technical

June 2021 ~ Present

I am currently a Senior Product Manager - Technical Intern at Amazon. I work on developing technical products to help decarbonize the Amazon transportation network so that we can meet Climate Pledge 2040.


Research Assistant

Feb 2021 ~ June 2021

I worked on a predictive analytics forecasting project supported by an industry partner. I built predictive analytics data pipelines and explored machine learning algorithms to develop a framework for estimating sales in presence of promotions.


Product Owner, Technical Program Manager, Software Engineer

Various Roles, Teams, and Projects


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M.S. Engineering and Management (In progress)


Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S. Computer Science (Machine Learning Specialization)


Rutgers University

B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.S. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Crime Hotspot Project

A Real Success

Personal Project

Exceptional Achievement

Student Project

Perfect Execution

Commercial Project

A Real Success

Personal Project

Exceptional Achievement

Student Project

Perfect Execution

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I hope no one takes a look at this portfolio site because I am still building it. It looks nice, but it has ads. I'd rather have people think that I built this from scratch. Also, a lot of the projects are still placeholder projects.
Lastly, I will never judge professors who still have pictures of them from 20 years ago on their websites because I am using my pictures from almost 10 years ago in this portfolio.
If you read my portfolio site until this point, we should just chat and get to know each other. Add me and send me a message on LinkedIn :)

David Park

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